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Mời bạn đến với chuyên mục luyện nghe hiểu tiếng Anh từ Inforgraphic Show. Video này nói về chiến lược giả tượng trong việc bạn chống lại một nhân vật cực kỳ nguy hiểm trong Minecraft, Herobrine. Chúng ta không những sẽ học được cách dùng tiếng Anh tự nhiên, tăng khả năng đọc, hiểu mà còn có thêm kiến thức để giao tiếp với bạn bè thế giới.

Cách học:
1. Xem video cùng phụ đề, không hiểu hết cũng được.
2. Đọc transcript bên dưới, tra hiểu các từ khó.
3. Xem video lại cùng phụ đề và xem khả năng bạn hiểu tăng được bao nhiêu. Chú ý hình ảnh, các sự kiện.
4. Xem video không có phụ đề.
5. Làm bài tập bên dưới transcript. Cho sẵn những từ trong Word Bank, chọn từ thích hợp điền vào chỗ trống.
6. Tập đọc từng câu theo video hoặc đọc tuần tự từng câu trong transcript. Ghi âm lại nếu có thể.

Transcript (by Rewordify):

How can you kill someone who might not even exist?
How do you go up against a ghoul [scary ghost], a ghost, someone there and not there at the same time?
You know what the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was?
You know the answer to that.

It was to convince you that he never existed. And Herobrine, well, don’t believe in him at your own risk. Turn your back on this guy and you shall [will] suffer the consequences [results].

You are living in the endless world of Minecraft, traversing [going through] the battlefield of your fears. While you navigate [travel safely through] your path to Minecraft salvation [(saving or protecting someone from sin or harm)], to be the best builder in this virtual world, something Is stalking you.

His name is Herobrine. As we said, he’s a ghost, a story people tell that keeps kids awake at night. But you know there is more to this than telling scary tales. [stories.]

You’ve seen this ghost. You have come face to face with it. You will take this thing out.
You will rule and get rid of Herobrine. First you have to find him, and that’s no easy feat because it’s not like he hangs out in the open.

He changes forms; he leaves you clues that he’s been there, but when you go looking
he is gone. Then you catch a glimpse [short look] of him, and like that, he’s disappeared again. This is one tricky character, said to be capable of teleportation. He floats, glides, drifts into the fog and disappears. He lives like a specter [ghost/terrible thing], hunts you down while you don’t see a thing.

How can you fight that? Well, the first thing you should know – and it’s a good thing and a bad thing – is that he’s only interested in you. Spiders, zombies, he doesn’t care so much for them. He’s after you.

That’s a good thing because if you want to kill something it’s better to know that this thing will come looking for you at some point. With that understood you can make a plan; you can lay a trap. You are well aware that this guy doesn’t seem to like leaves. Yep, he strips leaves from trees.

If you don’t know, there are default trees in Minecraft but you can build your own.
What you are going to do is build a lot of trees, and you are going to make them very
leafy. This is the bait. This is how you get Herobrine on the path to where you will ultimately [(in the end)] destroy him.

At first forget about building anything else and concentrate [(focus mental and physical effort)] on making those trees. Just build a few of them, hide, and then go back and see if they still have their leaves. This might take some time, but when you see a leafless tree you’ll knows he’s been around.

He cannot resist the temptation [(something that makes you want to do something/the feeling of wanting to do something)] you have put in front of him. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though, and think this guy is an idiot [very stupid person]. He might know there is some kind of trap, but it’s his confidence that will outdo him.
He thinks he’s indestructible. He’s not.

So, you know you can get him close by leaving those trees. But first of all you are not going to go anywhere near this guy until you have the best weapons and armor [(protective metal or other covering)]. You are also going to get some potions ready, and you’ll make stuff that he cannot contend [say/argue] with.

Now you have armor [(protective metal or other covering)], you have weapons, you have potions, you have your trees that he cannot resist. Next, you need to lay some traps near those trees, but just to be careful make sure you have a getaway plan.

He is strong, and you don’t want to die. Lay those traps, but also mark out an easy path where you can escape from if things don’t go as you expected. You need to know this area like the back of your hand, so we suggest you spend a lot of time getting to know it.
He is your world now.

DO NOT fight this guy in his world.
You are going to make an entire [a whole] village one massive [huge] booby trap.
Your houses will be death traps. You will construct what is in effect the most dangerous place for anyone to enter besides yourself.

One of those traps could be a simple trapdoor in a room, and if he falls down that there
is a dungeon [dark, scary basement]. This is your killing field. If he falls for this trap you are going to let loose your arsenal of [storehouse of] weapons.
Your powers are full, you are full on bread and steaks. It’s time to attack.
If he fights back, we advise you to retreat.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. This might take a few attempts. Don’t fight him when you are not fully powered. But let’s say you want more of a hands-off approach. You are more of an intelligent [smart] fighter than a guy with brawn [strength].

Well, in this killer village you have created there are many more pitfalls [hidden traps] for poor Herobrine. You have created lava traps. You can start fires when he enter rooms.
You’ve laid magma blocks everywhere.

You don’t even need to get too close to this guy. In another room you’ve laid a trap so if he walks into that room gravel [(mix of little rocks)] will collapse
on his little ghost head, and if he doesn’t fall for that, he might walk through a door
and an anvil falls on his head. You are still far from him. You are the omniscient [all-knowing] controller.

You are God and he is in your personal homemade hell. But let’s just say you are the creative [(showing the ability to create interesting new things)] kind of killer and you are hellbent on [very excited with the thought of] making this destruction colorful.
Well, that’s possible.

One of the most spectacular [amazing] ways to kill this guy is with fireworks.
He doesn’t like fireworks, and you are about to unload a veritable [true] atomic bomb of the things. On top of that, just to make sure, drop a fireball on his head.
But we think our favorite way to kill Herobrine, and yes it’s a bit sadistic [cruel], is to drown him in a bath of acid. You might also do a bit of magic, for those of you who don’t like the violence very much.

One thing you can do for your amusement [mild happiness/interesting thing] is turn him into a sheep. You get the picture, you best chance of killing this guy is to set him up and make sure he enters your houses of horror.

Now, some people called Herobrine the biggest hoax [lie] on Minecraft, that he doesn’t even exist. Believe what you want, but if one day while your playing Minecraft you see the message “Only God can save you now” you better do exactly what we have said.
Get your act together and start creating this killer village with plenty of traps.

When the trees start losing their leaves or you see 2×2 block caves, find a safe place
before you get killed. The biggest trick Minecraft ever pulled was putting this guy into the game. Do you think he exists?

Why or why not?
Do you think you could take him out?
Tell us in the comments.

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See you next time.

Source: Infographic Show


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